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trust. These rulers can be brought to the point
by it, with a precision unattainable in any other
But the types and characters and authorities
and officials and arrogant and aggressive indi-
viduals who will boggle at this Declaration and
dispute and defy it, do not exhaust the resistances
of our unregenerate natures to this implement
for the establishment of elementary justice in
the world. For a far larger proportion of
people among the cc democracies " will be found,
who will pay it lip service and then set about
discovering how, in their innate craving for that
sense of superiority and advantage which lies
so near the core of our individual wills, they may
unobtrusively sabotage it and cheat it. Even if
they only cheat it just a little. I am inclined to
think Jhis disingenuousness is a universal weak-!
ness. I have a real passion for serving the world,
but I have a pretty keen disposition to get more
pay for my service, more recognition and so on
than I deserve. I do not trust myself. I want
to be under just laws. We want law because we
are all potential law-breakers*
This is a considerable digression into psy-
chology, and I will do no more than glance at
how large a part this craving for superiority
and mastery has played in the sexual practices